Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a new home cost?

The cost of a new home can vary widely, but there are four main factors that have a direct impact on the cost: the initial cost of the building lot, the size of home, the style of home, and the level of detail and quality of finishes that you choose. Newcity Builders can work with you to design a home that meets you needs and your budget.


How long does a home take to build?

Depending on the time of the year and size of the house, generally construction takes four to six months. There is also a pre-construction phase that includes design, plan preparation and permitting. Depending on whether your house will be custom designed or not, this pre-construction phase can take one to four months.


What is the level of homeowner involvement?

Your level of involvement will be whatever makes you comfortable. Newcity Builders handles all the financing, scheduling and coordination of the project. We also work with all town jurisdictions, attorneys, real estate agents, etc… Your role will be in the design phase (if applicable) and picking out your finishes (cabinets, floors, fixtures, etc..)


Will there be cost overruns?

Most everyone has heard a horror story about a custom built home going way over budget and the builder approaching the customer every day for extra money. At Newcity Builders before a contract is signed, a final price for the home is agreed upon. The only possible cost overruns are when you spend in excess of your allowances for finishes (all allowances are generous). Because it is hard to imagine everything you want in your dream home, you can request that changes be made to the house during construction and will be priced accordingly.


How do I find a building lot?

Newcity Builders owns several lots in the Mansfield area and also has options to market and build houses on many lots for sale in the area. You may choose any one of these or any lot for sale in any town. Newcity Builders will work with you and local realtors to find a building lot that fills your needs and fits your budget. Once we have agreed on a home to be built, Newcity Builders will purchase that lot and begin construction of you home.


What if I already have a building lot?

Newcity Builders can build on your lot as well. We will put together a comprehensive price (less the lot cost) to build a home for you.


How do I find plans?

There are many ways to find a design that will suit your needs. The internet is a wealth of knowledge and there are many websites that offer home plans to be bought. Many website have designers that can alter and customize plans to your liking. You may find a home that I have recently built and like that design or a slight modification of it. You may also work with an architect (many locally) to browse their plans or start from scratch on your very personal design.


I already have a house and I need to sell it before I can pay for a new one… any advice?

Newcity Builders works closely with the Home Selling Team located in Mansfield CT. Owner/Broker Brian McCarthy has been licensed and selling real estate for over 25 years. Brian will guide you through the process of getting your home ready to sell, provide you with a market analysis of the area’s real estate activity and provide you with all the knowledge and tools to help the transition from one home to the next be as smooth as possible.


What are my financial obligations?

Newcity Builders will finance the entire construction process. At the acceptance of the contract a down payment is given, there are no more financial transactions until the house is completed and the closing has taken place.