Getting Started

Buying a new home or being involved with a custom built home can feel overwhelming and out of reach, but at Newcity Builders we have simplified the process to make the experience one that is manageable, timely and affordable.

During this very first step on your way to home ownership we discuss the needs and wants of your family. Starting with the basics: what town do you want to live in, what size and/or style house will best suit your family, are you looking for a neighborhood atmosphere or tranquil setting on a quiet country road, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, what level of finish appeals to your family, and so on…

At this time a budget for your home will be established. There are many factors that will determine a new homes final cost. These factors will be discussed in detail. We can look at plans of previous houses that Newcity Builders has completed, plans of houses under construction or you may want custom plans created or you may have your own plans and ideas. The implications of every design will be discussed and we will work toward the goal of finding the perfect house for your family at a cost that fits the project’s needs.

We will then finalize the home’s design, features, finishes and amenities. Even if the home you are interested in is under construction, there is always time to make changes and customize it to your personal taste. Whether a custom build from the ground up, or a home under construction, changes after the design has been completed are always possible. Do not worry about having to pick out every minute detail at this point, there is plenty of time as the house is under construction to do that. Newcity Builders will have enough information to be able to price your specific home and create a schedule for construction.

Finally the hard work of everybody starts to turn into reality. Newcity Builders will present to you a firm cost of your new home, along with a complete list of specifications, allowances and a construction schedule. You will now have the opportunity to discuss the possibility of moving forward with Newcity Builders.

I understand that the purchase of a new home may be the largest purchase of your life. If more time is needed for the decision making process to happen or if subsequent meetings are necessary to answer more questions that may arise or discuss other options, Newcity Builders will be accommodating to your needs.